Prescription Drug Abuse Targeted in New York Pharmacy

Residents of Sag Harbor can now dispose of unwanted medications at their local pharmacy. Robert Chaloner, president and CEO of Southampton Hospital, announced sponsorship to create a pharmaceutical receptacle at Sag Harbor Pharmacy. The program was created in order for citizens to dispose of their prescription drugs properly so that they don't end up in drinking water, Chaloner said. Pharmacy owner Jeff Yohai said it will also help prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drug addiction is gaining prevalence. According to, prescription drugs are the third most commonly abused substance behind alcohol and marijuana. Prescription drug abuse can be defined as the consumption of any prescription drugs in a manner not prescribed by the doctor. Some examples of meds that are routinely abused are opioids and stimulants.

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Opioids are used for pain relief. An example of an opioid is morphine. The danger with morphine is that it is highly addictive. Within two weeks of usage, the body becomes habituated to opiates, thus making it a very difficult drug to stop taking. While morphine may be prescribed in the first instance for a valid purpose, extended usage outside of what the doctor ordered, is the first sign of addiction to it. Morphine can give the user feelings of euphoria and extreme relaxation. For those suffering times of stress, it can act as a means of escape. The addiction to morphine is so strong however, that the user may find that it takes over their life. Relationships and work may suffer as a result. There are a multitude of unpleasant side effects attached to continuous morphine usage. Some examples are listed below -

- Nausea

- Drowsiness

- Slowed breathing

- Slowed breathing

- Coma

Ongoing usage results in the user developing a very difficult addiction to break. The withdrawal symptoms are horrendous with the user experiencing the following -

- Muscle and bone pain

- Insomnia

- Vomiting

- Diarrhea

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