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Treating an addiction to drugs should ideally involve comprehensive treatment therapies that help patients work through their unique and complex underlying issues to ensure the best possible chances of long-term recovery.

Drug treatment centers in New York start the recovery process with medical detox, which breaks the physical addiction, followed by treatment therapies that address the psychological aspects of the drug dependence. After treatment, the professionals at the drug treatment centers set patients up with an individualized aftercare plan to help prevent relapse.

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Signs and Symptoms of Dependence

Severe drug abuse can lead to addiction, and getting help for abuse before physical dependence develops can save your life, protect your health, and help ensure a higher quality of life without drugs. Some of the signs and symptoms that indicate it may be time to seek professional help include:

  • The inability to quit using drugs even though you have tried to do so or want to stop.
  • Continuing to use drugs even though they're causing legal, financial, health, or relationship problems.
  • Experiencing intense cravings.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when the drug use is discontinued.
  • Becoming increasingly neglectful of responsibilities at home, work, or school.
  • Losing interest in hobbies and other activities you once enjoyed.


If someone you love has an addiction to drugs or is involved in serious drug abuse, an intervention can help convince him or her to seek treatment. An intervention is a meeting between the person with the drug problem and concerned friends and family members, who explain to the loved one how the drug abuse or addiction has affected them. The intervention ends with an offer for drug treatment. Interventions that are organized and facilitated by a professional interventionist have a 90 percent success rate in getting the loved one to agree to seek treatment.

Treatment Options

Drug treatment centers offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment involves living at the facility for the duration of treatment, and it provides the patient with respite from the stresses and triggers that can quickly cause a lapse, which can lead to a relapse of the addiction. Inpatient programs are essential for people with a long history of drug abuse or addiction as well as for those who are ambivalent toward getting treatment.

Outpatient treatment allows the patient to continue living at home and attending work or school. Outpatient programs provide more privacy, but for treatment to be successful, the patient needs to be personally motivated to recover and have a solid support system in place at home and in the community.

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What Does a Drug Treatment Center Offer?

The first phase of drug rehab is medical detox, which breaks the physical addiction. During medical detox, a team of physicians will administer medications as needed to alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal and prevent dangerous conditions associated with withdrawal from certain substances like alcohol and central nervous system sedatives.

The second phase of rehab involves treating the complex psychological issues surrounding the addiction. Various alternative and traditional treatment therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and moral reconation therapy, are used to help patients become more self-aware of the issues surrounding the addiction.

The last phase of rehab is an aftercare plan that's individualized and set in place to help the patient maintain sobriety once treatment is complete.

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