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One of the most addictive drugs on the street is methamphetamine, which is available as either a crystal or a powder. Meth addiction is a serious problem in this country, causing medical complications and often death. The long-term effects of meth addiction are marked and serious, but even first-time users can have serious complications and even death. Meth addiction accounts for tens of thousands of entries into rehabilitation nationally, many court ordered as most with a meth addiction will find themselves in legal trouble quickly as the search for the drug brings them into conflict with the law.

Crystal methamphetamine is the more pure form of the drug. It's referred to on the street as "crystal," "ice," etc. Powdered methamphetamine is not as potent and is usually the entry towards harder meth addiction and use. The powdered form is often referred to as "speed," "tina," or "smoke."

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About Meth Addiction

The fall into dependency is rapid, often starting with just the first or second use. The brain releases large amounts of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and happiness. Once that release wears off, however, the brain can be depleted of its stores of the neurotransmitter while at the same time, receptors for dopamine will break down with overuse. These two things lead to the person feeling more depressed and negative, creating a need for more meth. As the addiction builds, more and more of the substance are required to get the same amount of high and the depletion and receptor destruction continues causing those usage requirements to go up as the duration of the high diminishes.

Meth addiction symptoms include a preoccupation with obtaining and using methamphetamines and a binge-crash pattern of use and recovery that often leads to isolation, tremors, insomnia, and worse. When meth addiction has progressed, open sores, hair loss, liver damage, and a rise in the body's core temperature become prevalent. Hallucinations accompany all of these symptoms in most cases and the sores on the skin may be exacerbated by excessive rubbing or scratching as a common hallucination is the feeling of "bugs on the skin."


New York NY meth medical detoxes are less dangerous than it is with many other illicit drugs. Withdrawal usually produces a deep, temporary depression and loss of energy that is often accompanied by a prolonged sleep, night sweats, and then weight gain as normal appetite returns. After detox, patients should attend a support group like Narcotics Anonymous (, which lets patients share their experiences with like-minded people in order to avoid relapse. Don't wait to seek help. Call drug relapse prevention centers in New York NY today!

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